I fell in love with coding after after solving my first few algorithm problems online. With the mixed addictiveness and the gamification of coding algorithm problem platforms and the limitless ability to learn Javascript online, I started to consume information about code tirelessly. With a deep desire for innovation and a clear understanding for its demand in our society, I decided that it was time turn this passion into a tangible reality by enrolling in Fullstack Academy's full-time immersive bootcamp. This allowed me to learn and master all the essential skills and take my software developing skills to a whole different level.

In addition to my bootcamp experience, I have over 8 years of experience in communication, negotiation and team building skills. I have spent thousands of hours and days communicating with customers or clients wether its as a realtor, food and safety manager or research and development manager. Now I'm looking to take my technical and analytical skills that I have cultivated to transition to software development!


Solve.it is StackOverflow meets Fiverr. A place for posting coding issues with a monetary incentive for their resolution. A resource for finding quick and efficient solutions to your issues, and/or to make some money as a freelance debugger. Solve.it has an in-house IDE included, built with Docker allowing users to write and run code safely within our application.

Technologies Used: React, Express, Node.js, CSS, PostgreSQL, Docker, Material-UI, Scaleway

PhantomPath was a fun little project to learn about mobile app development. With a short time span of less than three days I decided to explore react-native. I was able to utilize map API's, pick up Firebase, render geolocation, and set up real time messaging in the allotted time.

Technologies Used: React-Native, Expo, Redux, Node.js, Firebase, CSS, Material-UI

Grace-Hopper is a quirky e-commerce website made in honor of the legendary computer scientist "Grace Hopper". The point of creating the web app was to solidify my understanding for CRUD and RESTful API. I developed a clear foundation for security through Express authentication and bcrypt.

Technologies Used: React, Redux, Express, Node.js, CSS, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Heroku